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Help My Unbelief by Barnabas Piper

Help My Unbelief

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God is infinite, beyond our understanding—yet He chooses to reveal Himself in ways that spark questions rather than settling them all.

Instead of making Himself smaller, God invites us into a larger faith. One that has room for questions, victories, failures, and mystery. Because belief in an infinite God by finite humans is an act of exploration ... a process of learning—and then embracing—what we can’t learn but can trust.

Discover the God who not only desires our belief but actually welcomes our curiosity.

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Book - Paperback Trade
ISBN: 1434706923
ISBN-13: 9781434706928
Item #: 128873
Publication Date: July 1, 2015

About the Author

Barnabas Piper is the author of The Pastor’s Kid: Finding Your Own Faith and Identity. He writes weekly for and The Blazing Center as well as blogging at and co-hosting the Happy Rant Podcast. He and his wife live in the Nashville area with their two daughters.