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Discipleship Jr. Year 1 - Spring - Where Is God? (Downloadable Product)

Discipleship Jr. Year 1 - Spring - Where Is God? (Downloadable Product)

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Discipleship Jr. Year 1 Spring curriculum will challenge kids to explore the truth that God is present in every detail and circumstance of their lives, using the theme of a treasure hunt—complete with a map and clues! What could be more fun?

Discipleship Jr. is a Bible-based, in-depth program that harnesses the power of FUN to build young disciples through interaction with Bible truth and with each other. A complete, multi-age children's ministry program, Discipleship Jr. is packed full of interactive stories and drama, Scripture memory, and themed snacks and activities that will engage every child! It's guaranteed effective because its principles and methods of instruction are teacher-tested and kid-approved!

Intensive student-teacher interaction within a learning community that's relational and supportive makes Discipleship Jr. an ideal program for including children with disabilities. Hands-on learning activities are easily adapted to include all students.

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