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Toddler/2 Digital Bundle

DCC/Bible-in-Life Toddler/2 Digital Bundle - Summer

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Nurturing Disciples of All Ages Through Scripture

Guiding Verse: "Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ." -Romans 10:17

Transform the hearts and minds of your students with the dynamic, never-changing truth of God's Word. David C Cook's bestselling curriculum, Bible-in-Life is for all ages (toddler through adult) and communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity, motivating students to apply what they've learned at every stage of spiritual growth. From vibrant graphics to fresh content, Bible-in-Life delivers the quality you count on every Sunday and takes that into the week with families.

Each week, Bible-in-Life students focus on these four areas:

  • Connecting with each other and with God's Word
  • Studying God's Word together and finding key themes and takeaways
  • Exploring key themes and takeaways through activities and crafts
  • Responding to God's Word by applying it to life

Toddler Digital Bundle
Bible-in-Life provides toddlers 18-36 months with a multi-sensory Sunday school experience. Using a play-and-learn approach, lessons are shared through toddler versions of favorite Bible stories and help teachers and volunteers set up learning activities that present the Bible story, while the children move around, explore, and play. All parts of the lesson are covered, from teacher preparation, posters, movable figures, crafts, original songs, and stories, to tips about taking the lessons into the week and building relationships with parents. Digital bundle includes Teacher's Guide (roadmap for teaching each lesson), Starting Steps (a take-home resource to use during the week), and Creative Teaching Aid (songs, posters, games, puzzles, and more).


  • Actual teaching of Bible stories, not just morals or babysitting
  • Easy-to-teach lessons with helpful teacher tips
  • Multi-sensory with music, movement, play and crafts
  • A variety of activities to choose from
  • 2-year scope and sequence with 3 unit themes per quarter
  • Original songs that follow each unit theme
  • Everything at your fingertips
  • Easy to share with staff, volunteers, and families
  • Digital take-home resources for students and families
  • Flexible and affordable for your budget
  • Stories from The Toddler's Bible

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The multiuse download edition, which includes digital files of each product for this age level, is for multiple teachers at a single site for 6 months.

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